December 6, 2007

The only fruit that the Earth we live on, has been physically compared to, is none other than the proud blueberry (round and blue).


Upon closer examination of the blueberry, one might notice the ridge of skin near its top – opposite from where it was plucked from the stem – a jagged, frayed layer of skin, which fans out in a circle, bearing a striking resemblance to that of a crown.  In fact, among many, this is indeed known as the ‘crown’ of the blueberry.  This is fitting, seeing as the blueberry may in fact be the king of all fruits.





Its skin is not tough or bitter like that of the orange, not riddled with seeds like the strawberry or the raspberry, and one need not slice into the blueberry, as with the garish watermelon, in order to elicit its flavorful reserves.


Its flavor is in a class all of its own – mild and slightly sweet, so as to satisfy without overwhelming.  It is not strong and sour like that of the lemon, neither is it dull and bitter like that of a grapefruit, and neither is it puckeringly sweet like the strawberry.


The size of the blueberry not only makes it easy for anyone to handle – from toddler to adult – but it also makes the magnificent fruit appealing as a convenient and light snack.


Texture also plays an important roll in the quality of a fruit.  The blueberry has such a texture that the skin provides some satisfying tension for the teeth to break into – all while being soft enough that a person with dental issues will not avoid eating a blueberry as they would a pear or an apple.


Perhaps the factor which makes the blueberry the most appealing of the fruits is its complete lack of waste parts.  With apple, you eat everything but you must eat around and dispose of the core and stem.  With peaches, cherries, watermelons, and countless more, you have pits and seeds, skins and rinds to work around and dispose of.  Even with strawberries, one must pick and throw away the leafy stem.  Blueberries, however, proudly hold the trait of liberating the snacker from any such chore.





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